Data-Driven Insights:

Transforming Solar Systems for Enhanced Business Productivity


November 15, 2023


From 5:00 to 6:00 pm


SEECS Seminar Hall

About The Talk

In the ever-evolving renewable energy sector, leveraging the potential of Big Data and Machine Learning is crucial for success. Mr. Asim Hameed Khan, a seasoned expert as a Senior Software Engineer at SkyElectric, will explore the profound impact of data-driven insights on enhancing business productivity in the solar systems domain.


Talk Series 2023

Key Discussion Points:


Introduction to the role of Big Data and Machine Learning in the renewable energy sector.


Real-world case studies demonstrating the transformation of solar systems with data-driven insights.


Practical strategies for implementing data-driven solutions effectively.


Engage in a Q&A session to address your burning questions.

Asim Hameed Khan

About Mr.
Asim Hameed Khan

Mr. Asim Hameed Khan brings a wealth of experience in software engineering, specializing in innovative solutions for the renewable energy sector. As a Senior Software Engineer at SkyElectric, he has played a pivotal role in transforming solar systems through cutting-edge data and machine learning technologies.

Expected Outcomes


Gain a deeper understanding of how data-driven insights can empower the renewable energy sector.


Discover actionable insights from real-world case studies that have revolutionized solar systems.

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