Practical AI Simplified for Non-Computing Professionals

75Hrs+ of fast-paced specialized training and mentoring


6th July 2024 – 25th August 2024


Sat, Sun (6 Hrs/day)



About The Workshop

Discover the World of Practical AI with Our Workshop for Non-Computing Professionals!

Unlock the power of Artificial Intelligence in a simplified manner tailored for non-computing professionals. This workshop offers over 75 hours of specialized training and mentoring to equip you with practical AI skills that can be applied directly in your field. Hosted by NUST SEECS, this workshop provides hands-on experience and expert guidance to help you understand and implement AI concepts effectively.

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What You'll Learn

Introduction to Practical AI:

Overview of practical AI applications, introduction to AI development tools and platforms, hands-on project setup.

Data Preprocessing and Feature Engineering:

Techniques for data cleaning, transformation, and scaling, feature engineering exercises.

Supervised Learning with Machine Learning:

Introduction to supervised learning algorithms, implementation on real-world datasets, model evaluation.

Unsupervised Learning and Clustering:

Introduction to unsupervised learning algorithms, clustering algorithms for pattern recognition tasks, evaluation methods.

Deep Learning Fundamentals:

Overview of deep learning concepts and architectures, building and training deep neural networks, introduction to TensorFlow and Keras.

Natural Language Processing (NLP):

Introduction to NLP techniques and applications, building NLP models for text classification and sentiment analysis.

Computer Vision (CV):

Introduction to computer vision fundamentals, image classification and object detection with deep learning, using frameworks like OpenCV and TensorFlow.

AI Project:

Project-based learning applying AI techniques to solve a real-world problem, from problem formulation to model deployment.

Why Choose Our Workshop


Theory-grounded hands-on training: Gain practical experience with real-world projects.


Expert-led sessions: Learn from subject experts from NUST-SEECS.


Structured learning: Carefully crafted curriculum designed for non-computing professionals.


Completion certificate: Receive a certificate from NUST-SEECS upon completion of the workshop.

Meet Your Trainers:

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Prof Dr. Muhammad Moazam Fraz

Director ICESCO Chair,
Professor and HoD ( AI & Data Science Department)

Dr Seemab Latif

Associate Professor, Dept of AI & Data Science


Dr. Fahad Ahmed Satti
Dr Fahad Ahmad Satti

Assistant Professor, Dept of AI & Data Science


Who Should Attend


Professionals Seeking Specialization: Are you a data scientist, analyst, engineer, or researcher looking to specialize your Python skills in a high-demand field? This workshop offers focused training by subject matter experts in MLE, NLP, MLOps, and LLMs, accelerating your specialization journey.


Individuals Seeking Career Advancement: For those aiming to advance their careers in data science, machine learning, or related fields, this workshop provides practical Python expertise and exposure to real-world projects to make you a more competitive candidate.

Pre-Requisite Knowledge

  • Primitive understanding of programming
  • Exposure to Information and Communication Technologies

Register for 75+ Hours Hands-on Workshop

Training Duration: 2 Months

Training Fee:

Early Bird Registration Fee: Before 10th June 2024 - PKR 40,000/- only
Before 28th June 2024: PKR 60,000/- only
Before 6th July 2024: PKR 75,000/- only

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Habib Bank Ltd (HBL-Konnect) (Payment can be made online using any bank/easypaisa/Jazz/Ufone account, and transaction proof is to be uploaded in the registration form)

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